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Phoenix Construction Accident Injury Attorneys

Construction Accident Lawyers Serving Phoenix & All of Arizona

Construction workers risk their lives and limbs daily to do their job. Accidents killed more than 900 people at construction sites across the country in 2015. Nationally, these and other worksites are monitored by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which enforces standards of safety while providing training and education for employers and employees.

Arizona, however, is one of more than 30 states that assign workplace safety to a state regulatory agency. However, in 2017, Arizona’s Industrial Commission Association got in trouble with the feds for slashing penalties and “reclassifying violations…without clear justification.” OSHA is now investigating the agency for giving developers and builders a pass while not doing enough to keep workers safe.

Phoenix Construction Accident Injury Attorneys

If you have been seriously injured at a construction site – whether you are an employee or a bystander, call our construction accident injury attorney in Phoenix at Burg Simpson in Arizona office immediately at 602-777-7000 to talk to us or fill out our FREE Case Evaluation form for help.


OSHA regularly publishes what it calls the Fatal Four, a quartet of accidents are responsible for the vast majority of fatalities. They are:

  • Falls: These make up nearly 39 percent of construction sites deaths.
  • Struck by object: These make up almost 10 percent of construction fatalities.
  • Electrocutions: Electrical accidents kill almost 9 percent of victims.
  • Caught in/between: More than 7 percent of workers die after getting caught in machinery or between multiple objects.

While these are indeed the deadliest things that can happen to someone at a construction site, it is hardly an exhaustive list of pitfalls. Vehicles, heavy machinery, and deadly chemicals all present everyday hazards. If you or a loved one has been in a construction site accident and were left seriously injured, you need to contact a construction accident injury atorney in Phoenix quickly. Call Burg Simpson Arizona at 602-777-7000.


If someone’s negligence has left you seriously injured, you may be eligible for compensation on:

  • Economic damages. These are quantifiable and can include medical and rehabilitation expenses. Also included are lost wages, compensation for lost earning potential, and related out-of-pocket costs.
  • Non-economic losses. These damages are tougher to quantify, but no less crucial. Potential damages include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.
  • Impairment and disfigurement. This compensation covers permanent visible damage, usually injuries to the face or head.

If you have been seriously injured while working at a construction site, speak with a construction accident injury attorney in Phoenix before it is too late at 602-777-7000.


With the explosive growth of population across Arizona, developers and builders will do just about anything to keep costs low or speed up construction. However, cutting corners can be deadly to the workers doing the building. The profession is dangerous enough on its own and can be made much worse if safety is overlooked to meet a deadline. If you have been hurt while on the job, you need to talk to a construction accidentinjury lawyer in Phoenix as soon as possible. Call Burg Simpson in Arizona at 602-777-7000 or fill out a Free Case Evaluation Form right now.

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