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Concert Goer Injured in Mosh Pit Files Lawsuit

June 27, 2013 | 1 min read

A New Jersey man filed a personal injury lawsuit against a concert venue, punk band and production company after he was allegedly injured in a mosh pit. According to the Tribune-Review, Joseph Pignatiello claims he was assaulted in the mosh pit at Mr. Small’s Fun House in Millvale, Pennsylvania.

Pignatiello alleged he was pulled into a mosh pit by other fans at the April 2011 concert,  and as a result of being thrown around, he broke and bruised his knee and also sprained his right shoulder.

Defendants in the suit are listed as the concert venue, Fun House owner Liz Berlin, the punk rock band Senses Fail and production company Opus One, the article reported. The lawsuit claims Berlin, the band and the production company “permitted and/or encouraged the formation of the mosh pit.”

People that suffer an injury due to negligence of others may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. If the negligence or fault of another party can be proved as the cause of the injury, they can receive compensation for pain and suffering as well as other damages including lost wages.