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Remains of More than 115 Bodies Found at Colorado Funeral Home

October 9, 2023 | 2 min read

On October 4, 2023, CO law enforcement executed a search warrant at the Penrose, CO Return to Nature Funeral Home (approximately 30 miles south of CO Springs). Authorities found more than 115 “improperly stored” bodies in the building. “This is going to be a very, very lengthy process,” Fremont County Coroner Randy Keller said at a news conference Friday. “With the number of decedents we have in this facility and the identification process that needs to be completed, this could take several months.”

Colorado Governor Jared Polis issued a local disaster emergency, which avails state resources to aid in the investigation. The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, aided by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI, are conducting the investigation.

If you believe you or your family are victims of Return to Nature Funeral Home’s mishandling of loved ones’ remains, contact Burg Simpson for a confidential and free case evaluation. Burg Simpson is currently investigating the mishandling of human remains at Return to Nature Funeral Home.

In November 2019, Burg Simpson secured a $58,500,000.00 verdict in the AZ “Body Brokering Case” against Biological Resource Center, where families donated the bodies of their deceased loved ones with the understanding those remains would be used for science; instead the remains of their loved ones were disrespected and sold by BRC.

Burg Simpson is currently handling claims against the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home in Montrose, CO for the mistreatment of donated bodies. The 2 owners of Sunset Mesa were recently sentenced to 15 and 20 years in prison for the egregious treatment of remains entrusted to them by the loved ones of the deceased.