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Colorado Drivers Face Fines for Not Clearing Their Car Windows of Snow and Ice

March 31, 2017 | 3 min read

A Fox 31 report highlighted the dangers other motorists face when drivers refuse to clean the snow or ice off his or her vehicle before venturing out on the road. This dangerous practice is more common than most people would think. It also can result in criminal fines, as well as a finding of negligence and the imposition of monetary damages if the snow or ice flies off the vehicle injures another motorist. It certainly can be a factor in causing accidents and can lead to the imposition of damages and even the imposition of punitive damages if a driver fails to clear their car windows of snow and ice.

The Consequences of Not Clearing the Ice and Snow Off Your Car

Unlike in a dozen other states, under Colorado state law there is no criminal penalty for operating a vehicle that has not been cleared of all ice and snow. For example, drivers in Pennsylvania can be fined more than $1,000 if ice or snow flies off their vehicle and injures another person or damages their property. In Colorado, you can be ticketed if ice and snow on your windshield obstructs your view or flies off your windshield, but there is no state law mandating the removal of all ice and snow.

Nevertheless, certain Colorado municipalities do have ordinances under which motorists can be fined for not completely clearing off their vehicles and/or windshields before venturing out on the road. But if you are injured in an accident as a result of another driver’s failure to remove the ice or snow from his or her vehicle, then you might have a claim against that other driver for negligence. The other driver’s failure would be judged by the standard of whether a reasonable person would remove all of the snow or ice from his or her car in the event you filed a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver. Therefore, there can be consequences to not cleaning off your car of ice and snow in Colorado aside from simply a ticket or a fine. You could find yourself facing liability for damages if your failure to clean off your car causes an accident.

Call Burg Simpson if You Have Been in an Accident in Which Another Driver Refused to Clean Off His Car

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