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Hemoset Dual Channel Plum Set Increases Over-Delivery Risk

By Burg Simpson
March 19, 2014
2 min read

The FDA recently announced that Hospira has recalled its Hemoset Dual Channel Plum Sets due to a manufacturing problem that may lead to an over-delivery of blood. The Hemoset Dual Channel Plum Set is medical device designed to administer blood and blood products.

On March 18, 2014, Hospira recalled two lots of Hemoset Dual Channel Plum Sets (list number 11241-03, lot numbers 28005-5H and 34100-5H).  FDA Safety Alert

Hospira explained that an improper set component was supplied and used during the manufacturing process.  Ultimately, this incorrect component may affect the flow rate of blood and blood products.

If the affected lots are used in a gravity infusion there is an increased risk that over-delivery can occur. The defective lots were found to deliver larger than desired drops.  If left unnoticed, this could lead to over-delivery and injury to consumers. The risk of injury is particularly increased for neonates, patients with heart and/or kidney failure, and other patients with conditions associated with susceptibility to volume overload.

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