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Accidents kill more than two cyclists every day in the United States – a 6 percent increase over the last decade and 12 percent leap since 2006. Even though bicycles account for just 1 percent of transportation in the U.S., cyclists are much more likely to be seriously injured or even killed on the road compared to motor vehicle occupants. If you have been injured in a bike accident, Burg Simpson’s bicycle personal injury attorneys in Cincinnati, Ohio have the knowledge needed to help you with your case.

Cycling accidents come in many forms. A distracted driver can run into a cyclist, knocking him off the bike or running him off the road altogether. A poorly maintained bike path can lead to an accident that results in serious injury. A defective bike can cause disastrous injuries to the rider, especially at high speeds. These personal injuries can be costly, both emotionally and financially.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the average age of cyclists killed by motor vehicles has trended upward over the past 30 years, rising to 47. Nearly 90 percent of victims are male, and 75 percent of accidents occur in urban areas.

The most common causes of bicycle accidents that result in the need for a Cincinnati bicycle personal injury attorney are the following:

  • Motor vehicle collision
  • Defective bike equipment
  • Encounter with damaged roadway surface
  • Distracted rider/operator error

After a bicycle accident, it’s important to speak to a Cincinnati bicycle personal injury lawyer who has experience with this type of case and can fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Fill out a Free Case Evaluation form now to be connected to a Burg Simpson personal injury attorney in Cincinnati today.


Cycling laws vary wildly by state and can differ on such basic questions as whether you can ride your bike on a sidewalk. In Ohio, cyclists are required to follow the same “rules of the road” as drivers, which means they must ride with traffic, obey basic traffic laws, and stop at stop signs and red lights. Cyclists are also required to use safety lights at night and in poor weather conditions. Kentucky has similar bicycle laws, but specifies that if a bicycle lane is provided, it must be used whenever feasible.

Our bicycle personal injury attorneys in Cincinnati are well acquainted with the particulars of bicycle laws and can help navigate your claim. Bicycle accidents can lead to serious harm, such as head or spinal cord injuries. Any severe injury can be financially devastating, so it is critical for bike accident victims to speak with the bicycle personal injury lawyers at Burg Simpson in Cincinnati as soon as possible.


The aftermath of any serious personal injury can be overwhelming, but taking these steps at the scene increases your chances of being able to recover damages:

  • Get help: Call the police or fire department, or have someone else call for assistance if you can’t.
  • Exchange information: Get contact information for everyone involved, including any witnesses, if possible. Make sure that includes names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and insurance information.
  • Take photos of the scene: Take pictures of your bicycle, any vehicles involved, and the surrounding area, such as the roadway, road signs, and any possible hazards. It is also a good idea to get photos of any injuries you may have sustained.
  • Do not admit to anything: Even if you think you may have been at fault, keep it to yourself. Other contributing factors of which you may not be aware could have played a role, and any statement you make could hurt your case in court.
  • Do not discuss the accident with anyone: Wait to speak about the circumstances of the accident with the police, and then enlist the services of a bicycle accident lawyer.


  • Seek medical attention: If you have not already received treatment, it is crucial to visit your doctor, an urgent care center, or emergency room right away. Even if you feel fine, it’s important to get evaluated by a medical professional because some severe injuries may not be immediately apparent.
  • Get it in writing: As soon as you can, write down everything you can recall about the circumstances of the incident, while it is fresh in your mind. It’s a good idea to review the information you gathered from parties at the scene while waiting to be seen by a doctor or recuperating at home.
  • Call your insurance carrier: File a report with your auto or homeowner’s insurance company as soon as possible. A bicycle personal injury attorney can also help you with these details.
  • Do not sign anything: Whether it is your insurance agent or the other party’s insurance representative, do not sign any documents anyone presents you without consulting with a bicycle accident lawyer first.

Burg Simpson is a national law firm with the resources to fight back against insurance companies that try not to admit fault or refuse to pay a claim. Our bike accident attorneys in Cincinnati are here to help you. Call today at (513) 852-5600 or fill out a FREE Case Evaluation form before it’s too late!

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