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Cincinnati Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Attorneys Serving Clients in Cincinnati and Throughout Ohio

Being in a car accident can lead to substantial medical bills, physical pain, missed work, and a host of other burdens. If you were hurt through no fault of your own, a car accident lawyer can pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

Year after year, Burg Simpson has been named one of the top law firms in the nation. Personal injury claims represent the major focus of our practice in Ohio. When you hire Burg Simpson, our car accident lawyers are committed to achieving the best possible result on your behalf while seeing to the unique details of your situation.

Organizations such as Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and more have recognized the attorneys at Burg Simpson Ohio as preeminent litigators and trial lawyers. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to advocate for accident victims effectively.

For a FREE case evaluation, call 513-852-5600 today. Burg Simpson handles car accident claims throughout the Cincinnati area and all of Ohio.

Choosing the Best Car Accident Lawyer

The best lawyer for your car accident case is one who is attentive to your needs and dedicated to achieving a favorable outcome on your behalf. With so many lawyers in the Cincinnati area to choose from, it can be difficult to zero in on the attorney who is right for you.

Some of the most important qualities to look for when choosing a car accident lawyer include:

  • Experience: The attorney you select should be well-versed not only in auto accident claims, but your specific type of case (e.g., taking on a trucking company, product liability claims, etc.). In addition, your lawyer needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the local area and all applicable state and local laws.
  • Resources: Your lawyer should have the ability to investigate the car accident thoroughly and consult expert witnesses to build your case. 
  • Verdicts and Settlements: Results matter. A car accident lawyer or law firm should be able to share examples of cases they have won for other clients – ideally cases involving circumstances similar to yours.
  • Clear Communication Skills: One of the qualities of an attorney you can really only gauge by meeting with them is how they will treat you as a person. Starting at the initial consultation, a car accident lawyer should make you feel cared for and that your matter is top of mind.
  • Reputation: There are many ways to assess an attorney’s reputation. Reading reviews is a good way to know what past clients think. Awards and accolades can give you a sense of how the attorney and the firm are perceived within the legal community.

At Burg Simpson, we are Good Lawyers. Changing Lives®. Our attorneys have garnered a national reputation not only for the more than $2 billion in results we have obtained, but the high standards of professionalism, ethics, and care we bring to each case.

There are many reasons to choose Burg Simpson. If you have been injured in a car accident, our lawyers can provide you with exceptional legal service and aggressive representation in settlement negotiations and (if necessary) at trial.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Anyone can be involved in an accident. The steps you take immediately following the crash can have a major impact on your ability to recover compensation.

Remain calm, collect your thoughts, and then do the following:

1. Seek Medical Attention

Your health, safety, and well-being should be your top priority following a car accident. The first step is to call 911 and wait for responders to arrive. What happens next depends on the nature and severity of your injuries. Either you will be treated and released at the scene (at which point you can continue following the steps below) or you will be taken to the hospital.

2. Get the Driver’s Information

If you can remain on the scene, you need to talk to the driver or drivers involved in the car accident. Doing so may be intimidating. Emotions often run high, and it is easy to start playing the blame game; however, it is important to keep interactions civil so you can get the following information from each of the other drivers in the accident:

  • Name, address, and contact information
  • The vehicle license plate number
  • Insurance information
  • Year, make, and model of the vehicle
  • The name and information for the owner of the vehicle (if the driver is not the owner)

This information will enable you to identify the driver in making an accident claim. A car accident lawyer can also determine what insurance coverage may be available if the other driver caused your injuries.

3. Take Pictures

Photographs are a compelling form of evidence in any car accident claim. No detail is too small, from skid marks to the damage to your car. You should also photograph the scene from farther away to show the layout of the road or intersection, traffic lights and road signs, weather and lighting conditions, etc.

4. Speak to Witnesses

Testimony from eyewitnesses can provide effective support for your claim against the other driver. In addition to learning what they saw, get names and contact information for each of the individuals you talk to at the scene.

5. Provide a Statement to the Police

As a rule, the police should be called to most car accidents. (It is the law in Ohio if the accident results in injury, death, or property damage totaling more than $1,000.) Ideally you will be able to speak to the police officer before leaving the scene. A car accident lawyer can help you get a copy of the crash report at a later date.

6. Notify the Insurance Company

Check your insurance policy to see how long you have to report the accident. Typically, insurers require accidents to be reported within 30 days. If you fail to report the accident, you may be denied coverage of your losses.

7. Hold Onto Medical Bills and Other Receipts

Medical expenses start adding up almost immediately after the car accident. You will receive a bill for treatment you receive at the scene, transportation via ambulance, and emergency room care. Even if you aren’t taken to the hospital, you should still seek medical attention on your own. You will be billed for doctor visits, physical therapy, and other costs.

Keep any bills, receipts, and other documentation connected to your auto accident injuries. A car accident attorney will use this and other paperwork to calculate the damages in your case.

8. Speak to an Attorney

You should consult a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help you protect your rights and give you peace of mind.

Hiring a lawyer should be a massive weight off your shoulders. While you focus on recovering from your injuries, your attorney can investigate the car accident and deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

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What Compensation Can I Recover After a Car Accident?

A car accident lawyer will add up all of your bills and other expenses from the crash, as well as any future economic losses. You may also be entitled to compensation for the physical and psychological challenges you face (known as non-economic damages).

The compensation available after a car accident may include:

  • Medical expenses, including ambulance transport, emergency room care, surgeries, hospital stays, doctor appointments, physical therapy, medications, and more
  • Lost wages
  • The cost of travel and accommodations for medical care
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • The cost of household services and modifications
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional distress, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Permanent disability
  • Lost quality and enjoyment of life

You and your family may be entitled to compensation for wrongful death if you lose a loved one in a car accident caused by someone’s negligence. Burg Simpson can pursue recovery of damages such as funeral and burial expenses, loss of your loved one’s income and other support, and more.

Types of Car Accidents Burg Simpson Handles

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of car accident claims. We can fight for the compensation you deserve after any of the following:

  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Side-Impact and T-Bone Accidents
  • Head-On Collisions
  • Distracted Driving Accidents
  • Failure to Yield Crashes
  • Drunk Driving Accidents
  • Accidents on Highways and Freeways
  • Rollover Crashes
  • Hit-and-Run Accidents

At Burg Simpson, our primary focus is serving individuals who suffer catastrophic injuries. These are the people who need our help the most, and we put the full weight of our knowledge, experience, and resources behind cases where our clients suffer life-altering, often permanent injuries.

We can help if you or a loved one suffer any of the following in a motor vehicle accident:

These and other auto injuries require significant medical intervention and usually involve a lengthy recovery. Victims may never be the same, facing significant limitations in multiple areas of their lives.

Car accident attorneys at Burg Simpson can help hold careless drivers accountable for crashes resulting in serious injuries. We understand the devastating impact such a collision can have, and we will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

steps to take after a car accident list | Burg Simpson

How Is Fault Determined for a Car Accident?

Multiple forms of evidence can be used to establish who is at fault for a car accident. Through comprehensive investigation, a car accident lawyer can collect evidence and identify the defendant(s) in your case.

Fault for the accident may be determined through some combination of the following:

  • Photographs of the accident
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Physical evidence at the scene of the accident, such as skid marks, damage to the roadway and nearby structures, etc.
  • Video footage
  • The police crash report
  • Inspection of the vehicles for defects, mechanical failures, etc.
  • Expert witness testimony

Ohio follows a comparative fault standard. If you are found to be partly at fault for the car accident, you can still recover partial compensation as long as your share of responsibility does not exceed that of the other defendant(s). Damages in your case will be diminished in proportion to your level of fault (see Ohio Revised Code § 2315.33).

Why You Need a Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident, you will need to deal with one or more insurance companies. Insurance companies hold a decided advantage in accident claims. Until you hire a lawyer, there is nothing to stop the insurers from offering less than your case is worth, denying your claim, and/or coercing you into acting against your best interest.

Car accident lawyers know how to hold defendants and their insurers accountable. Your attorney can negotiate a settlement that fairly compensates you for your losses, rather than the low-ball offer the insurance company might have made you initially.

An attorney will also be able to recognize when it may be necessary to file a lawsuit. In Ohio, you only have 2 years to sue after a car accident (see Ohio Revised Code § 2305.10). Your lawyer can ensure that a lawsuit is filed within this time limit and the correct paperwork is filed with the right court.

Finally, you will need an attorney if your car accident case heads to trial. Preparing for trial is an arduous, expensive, and time-consuming process, and winning is paramount for recovering compensation for your losses. An experienced car accident lawyer can handle trial preparation and effectively represent you in the courtroom.

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Burg Simpson fights for the rights of injured people and holds negligent individuals, corporations, and other entities accountable. Tens of thousands of people are injured and thousands die in car accidents in Ohio each year. We are committed to helping people in these terrible situations recover the compensation and justice they deserve.

Call Burg Simpson at 513-852-5600 today for a FREE and confidential case evaluation. Our firm is recognized nationwide for representing clients in personal injury cases. We handle car accident claims throughout Ohio from our office in Cincinnati.

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