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Recent scientific studies have linked the medication Elmiron to vision-threatening eye damage. Elmiron is a drug that is supposed to treat bladder pain and discomfort from a condition known as interstitial cystitis. Unlike more common pain relievers that are taken as needed when pain arises, this drug must be taken multiple times a day on a regular basis in order to relieve pain. According to recent studies, this long-term continuous use of Elmiron is suspected to cause serious eye damage.

Elmiron and Retinal Damage

New scientific articles are reporting that Elmiron may be toxic to the retina. The retina is the part of the eye that senses light and is critical to sight. According to one study, 20 percent of the patients with long-term Elmiron use had signs of eye damage. Examinations of these patients’ retinas revealed deposits of pigment around their retinas and retinal degeneration. It appeared that the patients who used Elmiron the most often were also those with the most significant eye damage. These studies demonstrate that those taking Elmiron who have been diagnosed with age-related eye conditions such as macular degeneration, pattern dystrophy, or other retinal conditions may in fact be suffering vision damage related to their long-term use of Elmiron.

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