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Insurance Disputes

Americans paid $1.32 trillion in insurance premiums in 2019, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The majority of money insurance companies earn from the premiums customers pay on their policies do not get paid back out to clients filing claims. Instead, the money stays with the insurance company, but this does not stop these providers from denying or delaying what appears to be the most straightforward insurance claims.

Even worse, insurers can afford to deny or just delay claim payouts. They can wait for months or even years before paying out on a claim. The average family cannot make it weeks, let alone months, without a vehicle, income, or a place to live – all necessities your insurance is meant to help you cover.

Burg Simpson’s insurance attorneys understand. We realize how a dispute with an insurance company can change the lives of the victim and their family dramatically. The cost of an insurance dispute can be devastating – both financially and emotionally.

If you find yourself in the middle of a disagreement with your insurance company – or someone else’s – the best thing you can do is seek legal assistance immediately. We can help educate you about your rights, walk you through your options, and take on your fight as if it is our own. A lawyer experienced in negotiation is more likely to obtain a reasonable settlement for you than if you were to try to settle a case on your own. Not only that, but any settlement you do reach is likely to be much higher than anything you could negotiate on your own. In fact, many times a defendant or insurance company will not do anything at all unless, or until, an insurance dispute attorney threatens them with a lawsuit. Even then it takes a trial law firm like Burg Simpson to make sure insurance companies do not try to settle for less than what you are owed.

What Are Your Rights with Your Insurance Company?

When you sign an insurance policy with your carrier, you agree to pay your premium in exchange for coverage if you suffer a loss. The policy is a legal contract, and as such, your insurance provider agrees to:

  • Defend you against legal claims from another party (or their insurance company)
  • Pay successful claims against you

If your insurance company has failed to do any of these things, you need an insurance dispute attorney to help you make things right before it is too late.

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