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Elevated Levels of Lead Found in 25 Prenatal Vitamins

February 6, 2020 | 2 min read

Women who are pregnant or are considering becoming pregnant often take great care to make sure what they are putting in their bodies is safe for their unborn children. Daily prenatal vitamins are typically seen as a healthy choice. Unfortunately, the results from recent lab tests reveal that many of these vitamins contain elevated levels of lead, a heavy metal that is known to be dangerous to developing brains.

According to these lab results and reporting from Spotlight on America, 25 of the tested prenatal vitamins contain lead levels that exceed limits for daily lead exposure set by California’s Prop 65 law, which requires warnings on products that contain chemicals that can cause cancer and reproductive harm.

Of particular note, Nature’s Truth – Prenatal Vitamin and Mineral Formula was found to have nearly twice the limit set by Prop 65. Some of the other prenatal vitamins with the highest lead levels were Vitamin World Prenatal Complex, Best Nest Wellness Mama Bird AM/PM Prenatal Multi+, and Best Nest Wellness Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+. A full listing of the prenatal vitamins tested can be found here.

While these 25 prenatal vitamins had levels that exceeded the limits set by Prop 65, they contained less lead than the limits recommended by FDA for daily consumption. That said, as reported by a 2018 study of lead levels in prenatal vitamins, the federal government’s “Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry states that there may be no threshold for [lead] with regards to the developmental impact on children. In other words there are no safe limits for [lead].”

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