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Construction Workers

Whether you are in Wyoming or Rhode Island, construction work is one of the most dangerous occupations anyone can do. Nearly 1,000 construction workers died on the job in 2015 – the highest numbers of fatalities nationally in nearly a decade. While the 4 percent increase in injuries over the previous year might seem small, every other industry saw a drop in worksite injuries. In Wyoming, four construction workers died on the job that year. Do not try to handle your own workers’ compensation claim if you have been injured on the job.

Workers’ compensation — often referred to as workers’ comp and workman’s comp — is a national program designed to compensate American workers who have been injured while on the job. For the last 40 years, Burg Simpson’s Cody office has helped injured Wyoming workers obtain fair compensation for serious injuries suffered at work or during the normal course of their employment.

If you have been hurt on the job, get in touch with the work-related injury lawyers as soon as possible by calling our Cody, Wyoming office at 307-527-7891 or you can fill out our Free Case Evaluation form right now.


Four incidents account for the vast majority of construction site deaths:

  • Falls, slips, and trips — Slips and falls cause more construction site fatalities than any other incident, accounting for nearly 40 percent of deaths. The majority of fatal falls are categorized as “falls to a lower level.”
  • Transportation incidents: Accidents involving motor vehicles are responsible for 24 percent of worksite fatalities. These can be caused by collisions with other vehicles, collisions with other objects while in a vehicle, or non-collision incidents, such as rollovers.
  • Contact with object and/or equipment – Construction workers dying after being hit with an object or equipment saw a sharp increase in 2015, making up 17 percent of deaths overall. This category includes both workers hit by an object and those getting caught in or between equipment.
  • Substances/environmental exposure – Accounting for 15 percent of construction worker deaths, most of these fatalities area result of electrocution. Other causes of death include accidental overdoses, and extreme heat exposure.
  • Violence – Whether it is caused by another person or an animal, incidents of violence led to the deaths of 3 percent of construction workers in 2015.
  • Fires/explosions – Fires and explosions took the lives of 2 percent of construction workers.

If you have lost a family member because of a workplace accident, call our Wyoming office at 307-527-7891 to discuss your options for filing a workers compensation lawsuit.


At Burg Simpson in Wyoming, our goal is to help injured workers navigate the state’s complicated workers’ compensation system. We can help, no matter what type of work you do. Fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form today or call the Wyoming office of Burg Simpson at 307-527-7891 now.

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