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Business Disputes

Disputes, however unpleasant, are a natural part of doing business. They can be simple disagreements over minor things or serious, complex disputes that can be time-consuming and extremely expensive to resolve. If you need help resolving a business dispute, you need the help of an experienced corporate litigation attorney.

We have decades of experience working with multi-national corporations, regional businesses, as well as with local, family operations when disputes arise concerning their business contracts and transactions. The Cody, Wyoming attorneys at Burg Simpson can handle routine disputes as well as the more complicated types of litigation that can result from business disputes.

We offer aggressive, results-oriented advocacy both inside and outside of the courtroom. If you are caught in a legal dispute over a business matter, contact a Burg Simpson Wyoming litigation attorney at 307-527-7891 or complete our Free Case Evaluation form today.


Some of the more common types of business disputes include:

  • Contract disputes – If you are involved in a business dispute concerning any legal contract or agreement – including employment contracts, non-compete agreements, buy-sell agreements, or other commercial transactions, you need experienced legal help. We will provide you with the experience and resources needed to help evaluate and resolve the dispute in a cost-effective manner, whether through negotiated settlement or trial, if necessary.
  • Ownership and/or shareholder disputes – Ownership disputes include disputes among partners, members of a limited liability corporation, and corporate shareholders. Disputes among co-owners of a business, whether partners or shareholders, can include disputes over operating responsibilities, assets and expenditures, debts, and shares of ownership.
  • Customer disputes – Customers unhappy with a product or service can initiate a dispute if they are convinced an implied warranty has been breached.
  • Employment disputes – While most people think about hiring and firing practices when it comes to disputes over employment, issues can arise over discrimination, wages, and maternity leave, for example.

Resolving disputes short of expensive litigation is always preferable, and Burg Simpson in Wyoming has decades of experience working with business clients and helping them negotiate dispute settlements before they ever make it to a courtroom. When disputes escalate to litigation, however, we do not hesitate to fight aggressively for our client in front of a judge or jury.

If you are caught up in a business dispute, do not risk everything by trying to handle it yourself. Call a civil litigation attorney as soon as possible at 307-527-7891.


Our Cody, Wyoming lawyers are admitted to practice law in many state and federal courts across the country and have been acknowledged for their aggressive and effective ability. We’ve represented clients in disputes for business litigation in all Wyoming state and federal courts. We have also successfully handled complex commercial litigation cases in Wyoming, Colorado, California, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Connecticut. Call us at 307-527-7891 or fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form if you need professional legal assistance resolving a business dispute.

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