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Product Liability

Types of Product Defects Our Product Liability Lawyers See

Defects that cause injuries to consumers generally fall into three categories:

  • Design defects: These defects arise when a manufacturer designs a product that makes it inherently dangerous. Design defect claims are independent of the manufacturing process. Cars, recreational equipment, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and heavy equipment are a few of the products that hit the market with bad designs. These defects often lead to a safety recall by the manufacturer or regulators.
  • Manufacturing defects: These flaws are a result of the manufacturing process. Manufacturing defects typically affect just a few of the company’s products. For example, a food processing plant that fails to properly clean or maintain its equipment can be held liable for contaminating a product – such as ice cream, juice, or produce – with deadly bacteria.
  • Failure-to-warn defects: Manufacturers and sellers can also be held liable when they fail to warn buyers or consumers that their products can be inherently dangerous. Consumers are used to seeing product warnings on nearly everything they buy. Vehicles, recreational equipment, baby products, toys, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products pose dangers that can lead to serious injury or death.

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