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Wyoming Burn Injury Lawyers

Although actual burns make up less than a third of all fire-related injuries and fatalities, they are still responsible for sending half a million Americans to seek medical attention every year. Roughly 4,000 of those people do not survive their injuries. If you or a family member has suffered a serious burn injury, reach out to an experienced Cody personal accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Men make up the vast majority of burn injury victims, but several segments of the population are at higher-than-average risk of burn injuries, including young children, elderly adults, and people in lower income brackets. Serious burn injuries typically occur at:

  • Home: 73 percent
  • Work: 8 percent
  • Roadway: 5 percent
  • Recreational/sport: 5 percent

If you or loved one has sustained a burn injury, Burg Simpson can help. Contact our Cody, Wyoming office by filling out our Free Case Evaluation form or calling us at 307-527-7891.


Burns fall into a handful of categories, including:

  • Thermal: These burns are split into two types, dry and wet. Dry thermal burns occur as a result of direct contact with flames, hot objects, and radiant heat. Wet thermal burns involve steam and heated liquids, such as boiling water, coffee, tea, or soup, for example.
  • Chemical: Chemical burns, which can be either wet or dry, are caused by tissue reaction to hazardous chemicals. Subsequently, the degree of tissue damage will depend on the chemical involved and the amount of exposure.
  • Mechanical: Mechanical burns are typically caused by surface friction, such as carpet burns, plastic, rope burns, and accidents involving motorcycles. Mechanical burns occur where the skin is exposed to a surface moving rapidly in the opposite direction.
  • Electrical: Electrical burns happen as a result of contact with either an alternating or direct current. Electrical burns can be from low-voltage or high voltage sources and can occur as a result of direct contact with a current, or can take the form of flash burns, caused by an electrical arc passing over the skin.
  • Radiation: Aside from sunburns, radiation burns are extremely rare and occur as a result of contact with a radioactive source.

If you have been seriously burned, get medical attention immediately. Then get in touch with an experienced personal accident lawyer as quickly as possible by calling Burg Simpson Wyoming at 307-527-7891.


Securing immediate medical treatment is the top priority if you or a loved one has been seriously wounded with a burn injury. If someone else’s negligence led to your injury, you need professional legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Cody, Wyoming who has dealt with these kinds of cases before. It can be an incredibly painful experience, as well as a confusing and emotional time. We can help whether your injuries occurred because of a residential fire, a motor vehicle explosion, or even an accident at work. As in all personal injury lawsuits, your time to file a claim is limited, so fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form right now or call us at 307-527-7891.

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