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Patient lift system urgently recalled after reports of deaths, serious injuries

By Burg Simpson
February 24, 2021
2 min read

A recent recall highlights the safety risk presented by a motorized patient lift designed to transport patients from room-to-room in a hospital or nursing home. The lift utilizes a body sling and a motor to transport the patient in a seated position, but reports complain of falls associated with the lift. On January 29, 2021 the FDA announced that Hillrom’s Liko Multirall 200 Overhead Lift is being recalled after reports suggested that the system’s strap lock does not attach to the carriage hook as it should. If the attachment is not secure, the patient being transported or the motor of the system itself may fall, potentially leading to serious injury or death. Unfortunately, there have already been at least 22 reports of serious injuries and two deaths associated with the recalled overhead lift system. Accordingly, the FDA has labeled this a Class I recall, its most serious designation. The expansive recall affects 10,470 units manufactured and distributed between December 2000 and October 2020.

The recalled Hillrom overhead lifts are frequently found in health care settings like nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and hospitals. The recalled device is part of a motorized lift system that, when working as intended, allows for patients to be transported from room-to-room in a sitting position. However, at least 34 customer reports have complained of the lift system’s strap lock failing to attach to the carriage hook, presenting a fall risk. If the attachment is not secure, the motor may fall from the system leading to serious injury or death. Further, if a patient is being transported, the patient may fall and could suffer serious injury or death.

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