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Torrent Recalls Lot of Anagrelide after Routine Testing Yields Concerning Results

By Burg Simpson
December 11, 2020
2 min read

On December 9, 2020, the FDA announced that Torrent Pharmaceuticals is recalling one lot of its 1-MG Anagrelide Capsules after routine testing revealed the capsules failed to dissolve. For patients prescribed anagrelide, failed dissolution could lead to bleeding, blood clotting, and even life-threatening events such as a heart attack or stroke.

What is anagrelide?

Anagrelide is a prescription medication used to decrease the number of platelets in the blood of a patient suffering from thrombocythemia. Thrombocythemia, also referred to as thrombocytosis, is a blood cell disorder characterized by a patient’s body producing too many platelets in bone marrow. Platelets assist with blood clotting, so it is critical for the body to regulate the amount of platelets in the blood. Anagrelide is a platelet-reducing agent, designed to slow the production of platelets and insure that a thrombocythemia patient’s blood is being distributed normally.

What led to the recall?

According to the FDA announcement, failed dissolution was detected during routine testing of one lot of Torrent’s Anagrelide Capsules. Failed dissolution can result in a slower and less effective release of the drug, leading to less of the drug being available to the body. Unfortunately, for those suffering from thrombocytosis, less available anagrelide can lead to elevated platelet counts. Failed dissolution can result in an increased risk of blood clotting and serious clotting or bleeding events such as heart attack or stroke.

Patients affected by the recall are urged to contact their physician, healthcare provider, or pharmacist immediately for guidance because the risk of harm to the patient may be greater if the treatment is stopped immediately.

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