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Global Recall of Nasal Spray Due to Risk of Seizure, Coma, and Death

By Burg Simpson
September 1, 2020
2 min read

Burg Simpson recently reported on the August 5, 2020 recall of super potent nasal sprays that were manufactured by Ferring Pharmaceuticals and sold in the United States. Further investigation reveals that this August recall is the continuation of a global recall of Ferring Pharmaceutical nasal sprays that began in mid-July 2020. This global recall affects Ferring Pharmaceutical nasal sprays that contain the active ingredient desmopressin. The recalled sprays were marketed under various names, including Octim, STIMATE, Minirim, and DDAVP Nasal Spray.

Routine analysis of the nasal sprays found higher than intended concentrations of desmopressin. Some batches contained more than 155 percent of the targeted amount of desmopressin. In higher than specified amounts, desmopressin is associated with abnormally low levels of sodium in the blood (hyponatremia), which could cause seizure, coma, or death.

According to the recall affecting products sold in the United States, Ferring Pharmaceuticals is instructing distributors and wholesale customers to return unused product affected by the recall. It may take several days or weeks for pharmacies to send notice to individual consumers who purchased and/or used the recalled nasal sprays. A list of the recalled lots of these nasal sprays and more information regarding the recall can be found here.

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