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“Low T” Therapy Associated with Heart Attacks

By Burg Simpson
February 7, 2014
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Testosterone therapy in men for “Low T” is linked to an increased risk of heart attacks.  Two recent studies, one published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the other published in the medical journal PLOSOne, found that men receiving testosterone therapy suffered cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, at significantly increased rates.  In light of these recent studies, the FDA is now investigating the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death in men taking testosterone products, such as AndroGel, AndroDerm, Axiron, and Fortesta.

FDA Investigating Risk of Cardiovascular Events Associated with Testosterone Products


Regardless of the cardiovascular risk associated with their products, the manufacturers of testosterone therapy drugs have spent millions of dollars on advertising to convince men that common effects of aging and lifestyle are signs of “Low T” that must be cured.  According to a recent article in the New York Times by Dr. John La Puma, “Low T” “isn’t nearly as common as the drug ads for prescription testosterone would have you believe.”  Although clinically low production of testosterone can significantly affect men’s health, drug companies are trying to convince men that common dips in testosterone levels associated with aging and lifestyle “constitute a new disease” that can be cured with a prescription.  Dr. La Puma, notes, however, that changes in weight and diet are effective at combating these more common dips in testosterone levels and avoid the significant health risks associated with testosterone treatments.  Nonetheless, prescriptions for testosterone have jumped threefold since 2001, significantly increasing the number of consumers at risk.

”Don’t Ask Your Doctor About ‘Low T’


If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism (PE), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or death after receiving testosterone therapy you may be entitled to compensation.  Burg Simpson has a national reputation as being a leader for plaintiffs and victims in personal injury litigation against pharmaceutical manufacturers.  We would be happy to review your records to determine if you have a viable case. Call 1-800-713-9340 or fill out our contact form for a FREE no-obligation consultation today.

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