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Vascular Solutions, Inc. Recalls Catheter due to Risk of Injury

April 30, 2020 | 2 min read

Vascular Solutions, Inc. has recalled Langston Dual Lumen Catheters distributed between July 12, 2019 and March 10, 2020 following eight reports that the catheter separated during use.

What is the Langston Dual Lumen Catheter used for?

The Langston Dual Lumen Catheter is used both to measure blood pressure within a blood vessel and to deliver contrast or dye into a patient’s blood vessels during certain medical imaging tests, such as angiograms. This catheter is a “dual lumen” because it is composed of two separate channels or lumens: and inner and an outer lumen.

The Langston Dual Lumen Catheter. The above picture was provided by the FDA.

Why was this catheter recalled?

According to the FDA, Vascular Solutions, Inc. is recalling the Langston Dual Lumen Catheter because the inner lumen of the catheter may separate during use. If the inner lumen separates outside of the patient’s body, the dye could spray on the doctor, which could result in an infection. If the inner lumen separates inside of the patient’s body, it could result in additional surgical procedures to remove the separated section, damage to the blood vessel, or death. Accordingly, the FDA has classified this as a Class 1 recall, the most serious type of recall.

What is being done?

Vascular Solutions, Inc. contacted their customers and advised them to secure and remove all unused devices. All unused recalled devices will be destroyed. Cook, Inc. has advised all of its customers to immediately cease the use of this product. For more information regarding the recall, click here.

What if I was injured by a defective catheter?

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective catheter, Burg Simpson is here to help. Contact one of our experienced Cincinnati medical device attorneys today. Burg Simpson’s experienced team of product liability attorneys is prepared to seek justice and compensation for your injuries. Call 513-852-5600 or fill out our contact form for a FREE no-obligation consultation today.