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Cook Medical Recalls Fixed Core Wire Guides

November 13, 2020 | 2 min read

Cook Medical is recalling one lot of its Fixed Core Wire Guides because it was dropped during production. A Fixed Core Wire Guide is a small wire device that is used to insert and guide other devices, such as a catheter, into and through a patient’s vein or artery. According to the recall notice, the affected wire guides could have become contaminated or bent out of shape as a result of being dropped. If so, the wire guide could cause serious health problems, including the formation of an embolus (mass that travels through the blood stream) that can lodge in an organ (such a lung or kidney), causing potentially fatal organ damage. Fortunately, however, no injuries or deaths have been reported as of yet.

The affected lot of the Fixed Core Wire Guides was distributed on September 9, 2020. According to the recall notice, there are 61 affected core wire guide devices. Cook Medical has advised all affected customers to return the affected product and to immediately report any injuries caused by the recalled product to Cook Medical. According to the FDA, this recall is Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. For more information regarding this recall, click here.

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