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Child Support

A critical – and sensitive – aspect of negotiating your way through a divorce is figuring out the specifics of child support. In Wyoming, the law requires that both parents support the child until he or she turns 18. Wyoming, like most states, uses a calculator to determine child support payments, which are based on the income of both parents and the number of children involved. The state offers an online calculator to help estimate payments, but parents dealing with a child support issue should still get in touch with a paternity lawyer to help represent their rights.

Child support in Wyoming is supervised by the state’s Child Support Program, a division of the Wyoming Department of Family Services. The program:

  • Establishes paternity
  • Helps locate parents
  • Runs genetic testing
  • Administers and enforces child support orders
  • Initiates out-of-state child support enforcement
  • Responds to child support enforcement actions from other states
  • Reviews and modifies current child support orders

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If the parent ordered to pay child support refuses to do so, he or she could face multiple enforcement measures to ensure child support is collected, according to Wyoming state law. Potential enforcement actions include:

  • An income withholding order is entered automatically in most child support actions once the orders is established. However, if one was not entered and the child support is not paid, the court may enter an income withholding order.
  • Suspension of driver’s license and/or commercial driver’s license, professional, occupational and/or recreational licenses.
  • Charge the parent with civil contempt of court or criminal non-support, which can include jail time.
  • Denial of a federal passport or even the revocation or restriction of a passport.
  • Report the offending parent to credit reporting agencies.
  • Put a lien on the negligent parent’s property.
  • Withhold the parent’s tax refund.
  • Require the noncustodial parent to post bond, security, or guarantee to ensure he/she pays child support going forward.

Do not put your finances – or your children’s well-being – at risk by neglecting your child support responsibilities. Call Burg Simpson Wyoming today at 307-527-7891 and speak with a child custody lawyer quickly.


As you would expect, a family law office with our experience and resources has established longstanding relationships with other area professionals who can provide invaluable support and advice for our clients throughout the divorce process. We are pleased to offer our clients access to a network of CPAs, mental health professionals, health care professionals, social workers, financial planners, private investigators, and others. Complete our Free Case Evaluation Form right now or call our Cody, Wyoming, office at 307-527-7891.

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