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Child Custody and Divorce

Dealing with a divorce or legal separation can be extremely stressful, especially when spouses are unable – or unwilling – to come to an agreement and are faced with the possibility of having to go to court to resolve those differences. At a time when you are dealing with emotional turmoil, it can be incredibly difficult to know where to begin. That is where the family law firm of Burg Simpson in Wyoming can help.

For more than 40 years, our team of experienced and compassionate lawyers has helped countless individuals successfully navigate the complex legal maze of a divorce and confront the sensitive issues of child custody, child support, alimony, spousal support, and property division.

The key to our success is preparation. While we take meticulous steps to ensure our clients are completely prepared, in many cases we are able to negotiate a successful settlement without the trauma of having to see the inside of a courtroom. Depending on your particular circumstances, it might be possible to reach an agreement with your spouse through other means, such as careful negotiation or mediation. Get in touch with a family law attorney at Burg Simpson right away by calling 307-527-7891 or you fill out our Free Case Evaluation form here.


The process of securing a divorce in Wyoming is essentially a four-step procedure that involves:

  • Filing a complaint: This is the start of a divorce in Wyoming. The party seeking the dissolution of the marriage is called the plaintiff, and they are responsible for filing the Complaint for Divorce. This complaint identifies the names of the involved parties, lists the jurisdictional requirements, and describes the desired outcome, or the claim for relief.
  • Summons served: After the complaint is filed, a summons is issued to the other spouse, referred to as the defendant. The defendant must then be served and given a chance to respond to the complaint.
  • Division of property: The two parties must either agree to an equitable division of the marital assets. Otherwise, the parties have to go to court and have a judge divide the assets.
  • Divorce decree issued: Finally, after all of the issues have been resolved, the court will then issue a divorce decree, which officially ends the marriage.

This is not a process anyone should go through on their own, regardless of whether they are the plaintiff or the defendant. Get the legal assistance you need by calling Burg Simpson Wyoming today at 307-527-7891.


According to Wyoming state law, “custody may be awarded to either parent and may include any combination of joint, shared, or sole custody to promote the best interests of the children.”

Courts determine what constitutes best interests based on several factors, such as:

  • Quality of the relationship the child has with each parent.
  • Ability of each parent to provide adequate care for the child.
  • Relative competency and fitness of each parent.
  • Each parent’s willingness to accept all parenting responsibilities.
  • How the parents and each child can best maintain and strengthen a relationship with each other.
  • Ability and willingness of each parent to allow the other to provide care without intrusion.
  • Geographic distance between the parents.
  • The physical and mental ability of each parent to care for the child.
  • Any other factors deemed necessary and relevant.

Do not let the court decide where your children should live without having your rights well represented by an experienced family divorce lawyer. Contact the Cody, Wyoming, office of Burg Simpson by calling us today at 307-527-7891.


The decision to end a marriage is not an easy one. It is a huge, life-changing step and the important decisions you are about to face will have a lifelong impact on everyone in your family. Hiring the right family law office to represent you is crucial. Fill our out Free Case Evaluation Form now or call our Wyoming office at 307-527-7891 to speak with a family court attorney.

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