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Violent crime has unfortunately been on the rise over the last few years in Wyoming, with more than 1,200 incidents reported in 2016, excluding simple assaults. More than 75 percent of those violent crimes are aggravated assaults – and most aggravated assaults are accompanied by a weapon or some other tool used to “produce death or great bodily harm.”
Simple assaults, those committed without a weapon or that do not result in serious harm, are much more common with the state reporting more than 4,500 simple assaults in 2016, making up more than 80 percent of all assault incidents in Wyoming.
If you have been arrested for an incident involving assault, reach out to a criminal defense attorney at our Burg Simpson Cody office by calling 307-527-7891 or fill out our Free Case Evaluation form so that you can speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.


We understand that for most people, the criminal justice system can be daunting. We also realize that every criminal defense case is unique. Some cases can be settled – or even dismissed with experienced negotiations while others must go all the way to trial. If you or a family member is facing criminal charges, we can help. We will work hard to protect your rights and secure your freedom. You need the resources that only an experienced criminal defense law firm can offer. Call Burg Simpson’s Wyoming office before it is too late at 307-527-7891 or fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form now.

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