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Truvada – Gilead Sciences, Inc. HIV Drugs Cause Kidney Failure & Bone Density Loss

hiv drug side effects include kidney failure & bone density loss


Some drugs intended to treat HIV contain tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (“TDF”).  TDF increases patients’ risk of developing toxicity of the bones and kidneys. HIV drugs Truvada®, Atripla®, Viread, Stribild® and Complera®  all contain TDF.  The serious side effects of these HIV drugs include renal failure, loss of bone mineral density, broken bones and more.


HIV medications containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (“TDF”) can cause significant injuries to kidney functioning.  Kidney injuries linked to TDF-containing HIV drugs include:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • End Stage Renal Disease
  • Renal Impairment or Insufficiency
  • Renal Failure

Truvada®, Viread®, Atripla®, Stribild®, and Complera® all contain TDF and can put you at a significantly higher risk of kidney disease and renal impairment.


Along with kidney damage, HIV medications containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (“TDF”) can increase the risk of bone density loss and bone damage.  Symptoms of bone injury linked to TDF-containing HIV drugs include:

  • Bone Breaks/Fractures
  • Bone Density Loss
  • Osteomalacia
  • Osteoporosis

Commonly prescribed HIV treatments containing TDF include Truvada®, Atripla®, Viread®, Complera® and Stribild®.


Burg Simpson is currently investigating claims on behalf of HIV patients who developed kidney disease or bone density loss after taking any of the following drugs:



Developing evidence shows that drug-maker Gilead Sciences, Inc. sold TDF-based medications for the treatment of HIV knowing that TDF could cause serious side effects, all while withholding a safer and more effective version of the medication from doctors and patients.  Gilead developed another HIV drug—tenofovir alafenamide (“TAF”), marketed as Genvoya® and Odefsey®—that achieves the therapeutic effect of TDF but is taken at a significantly lower and safer dose.  However, Gilead chose not to bring TAF to market until it had maximized sales of its TDF and TDF-based HIV drugs.  As a result, patients were unnecessarily exposed to the less-safe TDF drugs for more than a decade.

TDF drugs that treat or prevent HIV put patients at a significantly increased risk of kidney and bone toxicity.  The HIV drugs with an increased risk of kidney and bone injuries include:


Taking these medications may increase your risk of kidney and bone injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered from kidney damage or bone injury as a result of taking these medications, contact us now.


If you or a loved one took one of Gilead’s TDF-based HIV medications listed above and developed kidney damage or disease, experienced renal failure, or developed bone damage or disease, including decreased bone density, you may be entitled to compensation.  However, your claim must be supported by your prescription and medical records. Burg Simpson can obtain these records, at no cost to you, once you have signed medical authorizations.


We offer completely free case evaluations to help determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation for damages against Gilead Sciences, Inc. Burg Simpson’s dangerous drug attorneys will advance all costs associated with evaluating your case, including obtaining medical records, collecting reviews from experts, and any court filing fees. Furthermore, if we represent your case and you receive no compensation from Gilead Sciences, Inc. you pay us nothing. If you do not have your claim paid by Gilead Sciences, Inc. you owe us nothing.


The amount of time you have to verify and file your claim may be short. The exact amount of time will depend on various factors including the state in which you live, but claims are already being filed by affected consumers. If you or someone you love have been taking an HIV drug with the active ingredient TDF and suffered a kidney or bone injury, contact us immediately. Failing to act soon may mean you miss your chance to receive just compensation for physical and emotional suffering caused by these drugs.


The advantage of having Burg Simpson on your side is getting the resources of a large trial firm, with the level of personal care and attention of a small firm. We can provide you with a national network of medical experts and consultants to assist with your claim against the manufacturer of these unnecessarily dangerous drugs. Dealing with medical conditions like kidney failure and bone fractures can be physically, emotionally and financially taxing—it is our job to be your advocate in and out of the courtroom, so that you can concentrate on your health and your family.

If you have any questions for us regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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