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Exactech Recalls Ankle Devices After Concerns Of Plastic Degradation

By Burg Simpson
April 7, 2022
2 min read
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Exactech Recalls Ankle Devices

On August 30, 2021, Exactech, a medical device company, initiated a Class 2 recall of their Vantage Total Ankle System due to concerns that improper packaging compromised plastic components of these medical devices. The Exactech ankle system includes a polyethylene (plastic) insert that sits between the tibial and talar components. When shipped and stored, these polyethylene components should be packaged in double-layered, oxygen resistant vacuum sealed bags. Exactech, however, discovered that its Vantage Ankle System components were improperly packaged without the second layer.  The out-of-specification packaging permitted oxygen to reach the polyethylene components, resulting in potential degradation of the plastic.

Degradation of these important plastic components can lead to serious health problems for patients that have received the Vantage Ankle System. For example, the compromised plastic components may lead to premature device wear, cracking, and damage to the bone, which may necessitate revision surgery.   Patients should consult with their surgeons if they are experiencing any new or worsening ankle swelling, pain while walking, inability to bear weight, grinding or clicking, or instability in the ankle.

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