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NP Thyroid Recall Update: FDA Publishes Warning Letter to Acella

By Burg Simpson
September 3, 2020
2 min read

As we reported in previous posts here and here, in May 2020 Acella Pharmaceuticals recalled 13 lots of NP Thyroid after finding the product was superpotent and posed significant risks to consumers. Following the recall, the FDA sent a strongly worded Warning Letter to Acella that laid out in detail the flaws in Acella’s manufacturing process that led to the recall.

The FDA said that Acella’s “methods, facilities, or controls for manufacturing, processing, packing, or holding do not conform to [current good manufacturing practices (CGMP).]” The FDA chastised Acella for failing to “establish laboratory controls that  include scientifically sound and appropriate specifications, standards, sampling plans, and test procedures designed to assure that . . . drug products conform to appropriate standards of identity, strength, quality, and purity.” Likewise, the FDA said that Acella’s NP Thyroid products are “adulterated” because they failed to “conform to compendial standards for strength, quality, or purity.”

Based on the FDA’s Warning Letter, it appears the agency is not convinced the recall captured all of the superpotent products Acella manufactured. Accordingly, the FDA is requiring Acella to run additional tests and assessments on its products to determine the strength of active ingredients in each product batch. Acella is further required to provide FDA with an action plan and comprehensive assessment and remediation plan.

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