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How to Protect Your Legal Rights During a Pandemic

By Burg Simpson
March 23, 2020
3 min read

During the current pandemic, people are rightfully focused on their health and safety. While much attention is being placed on the news and the latest developments regarding COVID-19, if you suffered a personal injury before or during the outbreak, you cannot delay pursuing your legal rights. The laws of each state provide a limited window of time to pursue legal claims. The current pandemic does not extend that time.

This means that despite the current health crisis, if you do not file a lawsuit to protect your legal claims within the period of time allowed by your state, you may forever lose your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. Therefore, if you have been injured due to the fault of another, it is imperative that you act fast, regardless of what is going in the rest of the world. Burg Simpson’s experienced personal injury attorneys in Cincinnati can help you protect your legal rights. Fill out a FREE Case Evaluation form today or call our law office as soon as possible at 513-852-5600.

How Can Burg Simpson Help Me Pursue My Legal Rights Without Risking Exposure to COVID-19?

Burg Simpson’s Cincinnati personal injury team can help you pursue your rights without exposing you to unnecessary health risks. Most importantly, the majority of the work on your case can take place without you having to be physically present. We can meet and communicate with you by phone, text, email, and video conferencing. If we need documents signed, you can sign these electronically or print, sign, and scan them back to us. Most filings with the Court can be completed online. Furthermore, many courts are now conducting hearings, meetings, and other legal proceedings by phone or video conferencing. In short, Burg Simpson can help you can pursue your legal claims while maintaining the recommended social distancing.

Burg Simpson’s Cincinnati Attorneys Are Here to Help

Burg Simpson has a reputation for standing up for those seriously injured by others. Our award winning personal injury attorneys in Cincinnati are here to help you. As part of a national firm with seven offices in seven states and more than 60 attorneys, Burg Simpson’s Cincinnati lawyers have the resources to fight for your legal rights, even against the biggest companies in the United States.

Call the personal injury attorneys in Burg Simpson’s Cincinnati, Ohio office today at 513-852-5600 or fill out our free case evaluation form now to discuss your case with us.

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