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Burg Simpson Files Lawsuit Against Depuy Synthes For Failed Radial Head Replacement

By Burg Simpson
September 27, 2019
2 min read

Burg Simpson Files Lawsuit Against Depuy Synthes For Failed Radial Head Replacement

Burg Simpson is representing an individual in Arizona who received a defective Synthes radial head medical device.  Plaintiff suffered fractures to the head of her radial bone requiring surgery for replacement of the natural radial head with a prosthetic radial head device.  Plaintiff continued to suffer pain and discomfort following placement of the prosthetic radial head and imaging studies revealed unintended loosening of the device, requiring plaintiff to undergo another surgery to remove the radial head device.

Plaintiff’s lawsuit alleges that the Synthes radial head was defective in design, failed to conform to representations made by Synthes regarding the benefits, functions, and uses of the device, and Synthes failed to warn that the radial head was unreasonably dangerous due to a high risk of loosening and failure associated with the radial head when compared to other manufacturers’ radial head devices.  In fact, a 2017 article published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma reported that device loosening was seen significantly more frequently and to a significantly greater degree in the Synthes radial head when compared to the Biomet ExploR radial head.

In December 2016, Synthes issued a recall for its radial head device due to post-operative loosening of the radial stem at the stem bone interface.  A Synthes letter to physicians explained that if the radial stem becomes loose post-operatively, it may result in osteolysis, poor joint mechanics, pain, bone fracture and soft tissue damage.

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