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Infant Sleepers Recalled after Reports of Multiple Deaths

By Burg Simpson
April 29, 2019
1 min read

By Jessica Powell, Burg Simpson Associate

Infant Sleepers Recalled after Reports of Multiple Deaths

The deaths of multiple infants have caused two manufacturers to recall their popular infant sleepers. On April 12, 2019, Fischer-Price recalled its Rock n’ Play sleepers due to over 30 infant fatalities.  On April 26, 2019, Kids II (a.k.a. Kids2) similarly recalled all of its rocking sleepers due to 5 reported infant fatalities. According to both recalls, the fatalities occurred “after the infants rolled over while unrestrained, or under other circumstances.” The two recalls effect over 5 million products. You can find more information about the recalled products by clicking the following links: Rock n’ Play and Kids II.

If you have any of the recalled products, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that you stop using the product immediately and contact the manufacturer for a refund or voucher. If, however, your infant was harmed by these products, contact one of the experienced products liability attorneys at Burg Simpson’s Cincinnati office today. Our award-winning attorneys would be happy to discuss your potential claim. Call 1-800-713-9340 or fill out our contact form for a FREE no-obligation consultation today.

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