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Urgent Recall of Popular Blood Pressure Drug Valsartan

By Burg Simpson
July 18, 2018
2 min read

On July 13, 2018, the Food and Drug Administration announced that several pharmaceutical companies are recalling all of their Valsartan-containing drugs due to their contamination with a known cancer-causing agent.

Valsartan is a popular drug used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure. Unfortunately, Valsartan products from Major Pharmaceuticals, Solco Healthcare, and Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd., were recently found to contain a toxic substance known as N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA).

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, overexposure to NDMA can cause headache, fever, nausea, jaundice, vomiting, abdominal cramps, enlarged liver, dizziness, and reduced function of the liver, kidneys, and lungs. Furthermore, animal studies have found that exposure to NDMA has caused tumors to form in the liver, respiratory tract, kidney, and blood vessels. As reported in the EPA’s Technical Fact Sheet on NDMA, “The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that NDMA is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.”

The Food and Drug Administration has advised the public that it is continuing to review and investigate the levels of NDMA in the recalled Valsartan products and will be assessing what the health implications may be for those already exposed.

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