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Who to Hire When Injured in a Las Vegas Car Accident on Vacation

By Burg Simpson
October 1, 2019
3 min read

If You are Injured in a Car Accident in Las Vegas, Hire a Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are considering a visit to Las Vegas, you have probably heard that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. In fact, that rule only sometimes applies. Las Vegas would not have gained its reputation as the original destination wedding city if the marriage certificates signed in Las Vegas wedding chapels were only valid in Nevada. Likewise, Nevada driver’s licenses are also recognized in other states, making it possible to take interstate road trips from Las Vegas as well as to it. One thing that does not cross state lines, though, is state law pertaining to traffic rules and personal injury lawsuits. Therefore, if you get injured in a car accident while visiting Las Vegas from out of state, you should hire a Nevada car accident injury lawyer instead of a lawyer from your home state.

What to do After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

When a car accident happens in Las Vegas, a personal injury lawyer should not be the first person you call. First, you should report the injury to a police officer and to your insurance company. Use your phone to take pictures of your injuries, any vehicle damage, and the roads and signs present at the site of the accident, as these are important pieces of evidence for insurance claims and lawsuits.

As soon as you have reported the accident and taken pictures, you should go to a nearby hospital or urgent care clinic to be examined, even if you feel well immediately after the accident and think that you were not seriously injured. If your health insurance does not pay for out-of-state treatment, save the bills and present them to your car insurance company and, if necessary, to a personal injury lawyer. Not all injuries are visible, and pain from a traumatic injury sometimes begins hours or days after the accident occurs.

Several weeks later, your insurance company will send you a settlement offer. Before you sign the settlement offer letter, review it with a personal injury attorney. If you sign the letter, you lose the right to file any future lawsuits pertaining to the accident.

Why Hire a Nevada Attorney Instead of One from Your Home State?

One of the first lessons law students learn is that most of the laws that affect our daily lives are state laws. Consider how much variation there is between states regarding the laws regulating state lotteries, casino gambling, and medical and recreational cannabis. Personal injury lawsuit laws are just as state-specific. Therefore, a Nevada lawyer who works with personal injury cases will already be well-versed in Nevada traffic laws and personal injury lawsuit laws. Your lawyer can easily file papers and attend court dates in Nevada on your behalf while you stay in your home state; you may be able to receive your settlement without having to travel back to Nevada.

Contact Your Nevada Personal Injury Lawyer About Las Vegas Car Accident Cases

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