Burg Simpson’s Construction Defect Group is pleased to release our updated Lunch & Learn continuing education programs. Let us come to your office to provide a convenient learning experience; we will even provide a catered lunch. Sign up to earn your continuing education credits today!




Book one of our CAMICB approved classes to earn credits and learn how to improve your results. We can come to your office and bring breakfast, lunch or afternoon “snacks.” Reach out to Andrew, Chelsea or Loura to find a date that works for you.

We have over a dozen accredited classes but here are our most requested. If you don’t see a topic you like, ask us and we’ll create one!


NEW WHY YOU CAN’T MANAGE YOUR TIME (YET): There is no shortage of advice on how to boost time management, and it doesn’t
always work. Learn why that is and the underlying skills you should be focusing on to be more efficient and less stressed.

NEW RISK MANAGMENT, HOW TO AVOID LIABILITY: This class will review what risk management is, the primary types of risks a
community association is exposed to, how to manage risks through risk control and risk transfer. You will learn how to identify specific
types of property, liability risks, appropriate risk control, risk transfer options to minimize exposure and liability.

NEW BECOME A BETTER NEGOTIATOR: This fun, interactive session explores the different types of negotiations, the 6 keys to
preparing for any type of negotiation and the most common tools/tactics to produce effective negotiations. You’ll also become aware of
the psychological tools/traps that can be used during negotiations so that you can be a better negotiator.

CONVERSIONS AND COMMUNITY ASSOCIATIONS: In today’s real estate market condominium communities may be converted from
apartments. This class will cover why this makes a difference in how the association operates, roles of the developer and community
manager and how the conversion laws will impact association rights.

GETTING UNSTUCK-COMPANY, ASSOCIATION AND LIFE OPERATING SYSTEMS: Is your company or association stuck? Do you find yourself attending meeting after meeting with no outcomes? Is there a disconnect between what is said and what happens? Do you have great ideas but find they never get implemented? If so, you may be lacking an operating system that addresses purpose, people, proof, problems, process and power. Through a self-assessment we will explore the 6Ps and learn steps that can be taken to address any weaknesses.

CREATING BOARDS THAT WORK: Using an assessment from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this facilitated program explores the basis of organizational politics and board failure. It helps managers identify barriers to effective, functional boards and explores tools they can use to overcome board dysfunctions.

INSURANCE DISPUTES – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: This course is designed as an overview of the obligations of insurance companies based on policies, state law, insurance commission rulings and case law. You will learn what to do if you encounter one of the 8 most common unfair claim settlement practices and how to protect your community association’s rights.

MANAGER TESTIMONY IN COURT—HOW TO BE A STAR ON THE STAND: This class explores the players in the courtroom and 10 rules for effective testimony in any kind of case a manager may be asked to testify in. We cover common obstacles that witnesses face and how to overcome them.

GUIDELINES FOR PROPERTY MANAGER DOCUMENTATION: Discusses what documents constitute the “Association’s File” and steps you can take to ensure that the minutes, correspondence, and other association records protect, rather than harm, the association’s legal rights.

CONSTRUCTION DEFECT LITIGATION—THE ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PROPERTY MANAGER: This program discusses the roles and responsibilities of the property manager in the timely identification of construction defects, including how to protect yourself and the management company from liability. Suggestions for setting up a successful investigation by the engineers will also be discussed, along with tips for disclosure and communication during and following a construction defect lawsuit.

THE MIGHTY MILLENNIALS – LEARN HOW TO HARNESS THE SKILLS OF MILLENNIALS ON YOUR BOARDS, COMMITTEE OR IN YOUR OFFICE: As you interact with more diverse ages on your boards (21-81) it’s likely you may become frustrated with
how those outside your age group process, communicate and implement decisions. Join us for a fast-paced, hands-on walk-thru of
millennials needs, wants and how you can work best with them.

Loura K. Sanchez
Marketing Director, Construction Defects

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