Construction Accidents

The construction industry is large and dangerous. On any given workday, there are nearly 10 million construction workers employed in the U.S. In 2015, more than 900 of those construction workers died on the job – accounting for approximately one out of five on-the-job fatalities. The construction industry is also rife with non-fatal workplace accidents.

Even though you may be eligible for workers’ compensation for injuries suffered on the job site, you also could be entitled to receive additional compensation against third parties, including equipment manufacturers, contractors, and property owners, who may have contributed to your injuries through simple negligent or reckless actions. Burg Simpson’s construction accident lawyers are committed to helping injured construction workers receive the compensation they deserve. Contact us today at (720) 500-5995 or fill out our FREE case evaluation form to get started.

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Common Causes of Construction Accidents

More than half of construction site fatalities are caused by what construction workers call the “fatal four,” which excludes traffic collisions. The fatal four are:

  • Falls: Nearly 39 percent of construction worker deaths are a result of falls, primarily from roofs, scaffolding, and ladders. The vast majority of these are from heights greater than six feet.

  • Struck by object: Objects striking workers, which account for nearly 10 percent of deaths, are the leading cause of death for workers younger than 24.

  • Electrocutions: Electrocutions account for 8.6 percent of construction deaths, but also can cause severe burns, brain injury, and cardiac arrest.

  • Caught-in/between: More than 7 percent of construction workers are killed by getting caught in or compressed by equipment or objects and struck, caught, or crushed in collapsing structure, equipment, or material, according to OSHA.

The trend for construction injuries has not been positive, either. As the construction industry booms in many parts of the country, construction worker deaths are on the rise. Burg Simpson’s personal injury attorneys have significant experience in construction workplace injury cases. From construction accidents to workers’ compensation claims, we fight for the compensation you deserve.

Who Is at Fault?

There are several factors at play when there is an accident at a construction site, due in no small part to the number of parties that may be involved. This can also make the process of determining liability problematic. Among those who could be held accountable for your injuries:

  • The landowner

  • The general contractor

  • Sub-contractors

  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • Construction equipment manufacturers

  • Insurance companies

What Damages Can I Recover?

Depending on the circumstances of your injury, you may be eligible for a few different kinds of compensation, including:

  • Economic damages: These are easily quantifiable and can include current and expected medical bills and rehabilitation expenses. This category also includes lost income, lost earning capacity, and any other related out-of-pocket costs.

  • Non-economic losses: These are less tangible, but equally important, such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, as well as mental and emotional distress.

  • Permanent impairment and disfigurement: This includes compensation for any lasting visible damage, typically to the face or head.

  • Loss of consortium

Survivors of construction workers killed by negligence, fault, or recklessness of someone else, regardless of whether it is an individual or a corporation, may be able to recover wrongful death damages or any of these other damage types.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Construction work can be dangerous under the best of circumstances. Poorly maintained equipment or poor safety enforcement can turn an already perilous job into a deadly one. If you’ve been hurt on the job, or you’ve lost a loved one to an unsafe construction site, you need to speak with an experienced construction accident attorney as soon as possible.

First and foremost, it is crucial that you seek immediate medial attention. Then you must report the injury to your employer and the site manager. Document the contact for your records. It is also important to speak with anyone who may have witnessed the incident. Document your injuries to the best of your ability by taking pictures of the injuries and the scene where it occurred. Finally, if you think the accident may have been the result of a safety violation, contact OSHA to file a report.

If you have been injured at a construction site – whether you were on the job or an innocent bystander – you need to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to understand and protect your rights. As a construction worker, you may be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits, as well as damages from third parties. A Burg Simpson trial attorney handles both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

You need someone on your side to help you fight back. At Burg Simpson, we have extensive experience with these cases, and the resources to secure the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at (720) 500-5995 or fill out a FREE case evaluation form to get started with your claim.


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