The Burg Simpson College Scholarship Deadline is Approaching

The Burg Simpson College Scholarship Deadline is Approaching

By Burg Simpson
December 4, 2019
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The Burg Simpson College Scholarship Deadline is Approaching

The deadline for high school students to submit their 1,500-word essays is February 1, 2020

For the past several years, Burg Simpson has awarded college scholarships to the graduating high school seniors who won our essay competition regarding the importance of the civil jury system and how it is being threatened. The annual Burg Simpson Scholarship Competition is now available to high school seniors.

This year, we are awarding a total of 10 college scholarships:

  • 9 scholarships for $1,000, and
  • 1 scholarship for $2,500.

This competition is an outstanding opportunity for high school seniors to obtain additional funds for college, and to learn about the importance of the U.S. civil jury system.

Information about the Scholarship Competition and the submission of the essays is also available on our website at:

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