Shareholder Mari K. Perczak Discusses Questions Remaining Over Westminster Apartment Fire

Shareholder Mari K. Perczak Discusses Questions Remaining Over Westminster Apartment Fire

By Burg Simpson
August 21, 2018
2 min read

More than a month later, the gas explosion that destroyed a Westminster, Colorado, apartment complex in late July still has more questions surrounding it than answers.

Investigators have discovered that the fire – which injured 14 and left two dead – was set intentionally. Nevertheless, Burg Simpson shareholder Mari K. Perczak wonders if the building was even up to code. Specifically, Mari says the building should have had one-hour, fire-resistive compartments that would have slowed the spread of the blaze.

“And that should have allowed this fire to be more contained and people to get out safely and instead it looks like a large part of the building was engulfed very quickly,” Mari told Denver7.

The fire eventually gutted the building, spreading to more than half of the units in the building, leaving more than 140 resident homeless.

“The fire seems to have spread more quickly than it should have if things have been built correctly but no we are not at the point yet where we can say exactly what was wrong, that needs to be further investigated,” Mari explained.

Mari K. Perczak has more than three decades of experience as a Colorado trial lawyer. She’s successfully handled many large construction defect cases for Colorado homeowners and homeowner associations.  Recently, Mari was lead trial counsel in a four-week jury trial in Glenwood Springs involving 20 severely damaged homes where she obtained a verdict of more than $6 million for her clients.  In 2012, Mari and her co-counsel obtained the largest reported residential construction defect verdict in Colorado of $17 million.  Known for her hard work and tenacity, Mari has brought many favorable verdicts, arbitration awards, and settlements for her clients.

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