Michael S. Burg says Gorsuch is More than Qualified

Michael S. Burg says Gorsuch is More than Qualified

By Burg Simpson
April 6, 2017
1 min read

As the Senate battle over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch heads toward an actual vote this week, Burg Simpson founding shareholder Michael S. Burg spoke with SiriusXM’s Tim Farley on his POTUS morning radio show to discuss the confirmation fight.

The radio host immediately brought up the nominee’s qualifications and whether he might be “independent” enough for the high court. Burg insisted he was, suggesting that anyone who reaches that level of the judiciary is very independent.

“But he does have the originalist philosophy of looking back at the Constitution and what the framers meant, rather than the perspective of the document being something that’s constantly changing with the times,” Michael said. “But I don’t think that has anything to do with his qualifications.”

Finally, Michael praised Gorsuch’s consistency, something he hints the current Supreme Court lacks right now.

Listen to the SiriusXM’s interview with Micheal S. Burg

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