Decoding the Recent Supreme Court Rulings – by David K. TeSelle

Decoding the Recent Supreme Court Rulings – by David K. TeSelle

By Burg Simpson
July 17, 2020
2 min read

Burg Simpson preferred shareholder, David K. TeSelle has authored an educational article for the National Law Review about the Supreme Court’s recent decision about faithless electors. Faithless electors are members of the United States Electoral college who do not vote for the presidential candidate for whom they had pledged to vote. This means they broke their pledge to the State to vote for the candidate who won the state election.

In his recent article, Mr. TeSelle explains how the role the Electoral College plays in American life has confused and confounded many, especially since the U.S. Presidential election of 2016, when the winner of the national popular vote, Hillary Clinton, actually lost the election to President Donald Trump by vote of State-appointed electors in the Electoral College. He further expounds on the Supreme Court’s recent decision this year when they ruled in Chiafalo v. Washington that each state is free to enforce laws that bind electors to vote for the winner of the popular vote in their state.

Please see Mr. TeSelle’s article in the National Law Review here.

About David K. TeSelle

Burg Simpson shareholder David K. TeSelle is one of the leaders of the firm’s Commercial and Business Litigation team. Mr. TeSelle has successfully tried multiple cases to jury verdicts in state court, federal court, and private arbitration, and practices before the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado and the U.S. Court of Appeals 10th Circuit. In 2019, he was lead counsel on one of the largest personal injury jury verdicts in Arizona’s history and secured a judgment of $58.5 million. He also represents and provides guidance to state and federal whistleblowers under the False Claims Act (Qui Tam Actions) when they expose fraud against state and federal governments. Following the 2008 economic collapse, Mr. TeSelle battled some of the nation’s largest banks in litigation regarding “The Big Short” cases. Throughout his career, Mr. TeSelle has represented both plaintiffs and defendants and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.

With over 25 years of experience, Mr. TeSelle has been repeatedly selected by Best Lawyers in America and Colorado Super Lawyers. He has also been selected as a Top 100 Trial Attorney by the National Trial Lawyers Association and served as President of the NTL Business Torts section.

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