Burg Simpson Supports Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

Burg Simpson Supports Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

By Burg Simpson
November 1, 2021
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Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine Support Stomach Cancer Awareness Month

No Stomach For Cancer (NSFC) is a non-profit patient advocacy organization that advances awareness and education about stomach cancer. In addition, they support research efforts for screening, early detection, treatment, and prevention of stomach cancer.  Understanding the critical need for awareness of this dreaded disease, NSFC worked with the U.S. Senate to establish a resolution designating November as the first national Stomach Cancer Awareness Month in 2010.

Stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer worldwide and the third-highest cause of cancer death. Yet, unfortunately, stomach cancer receives very little media attention or research funding. About 27,000 Americans are diagnosed each year with new cases of stomach cancer, and for most, the prognosis is poor because they are not diagnosed until the cancer has spread. Only 6% of Stage 4 stomach cancer patients survive 5 years.

The early detection of stomach cancer is directly associated with higher long-term survival rates. Each year NSFC works to extend this message to more people to save lives. Money raised for stomach cancer research will result in improved survival rates and, ultimately, a cure for this disease.

It is NSFC’s mission to support research and focus on advancing awareness and education about this dreaded disease. NSFC works to provide a support network for affected families and further research efforts for screening, early detection, treatment, and prevention of stomach cancer.

In the following video, Burg Simpson shareholder Brian Matise and his lovely wife Kathy share a portion of their journey of hope as Kathy continues to fight this difficult disease. Kathy was diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer in August of 2019, and Brian has been with her for every step along her pathway toward healing.

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