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Colorado’s Division of Insurance Passes Emergency Regulation to Help Marshall Fire Survivors by Thomas Henderson

By Anne-Marie Kopek
August 23, 2022
1 min read
burning house at night

   On August 22, 2022, Colorado’s Division of Insurance passed a new, emergency regulation to help Marshall Fire survivors with their insurance claims View Emergency Regulation HERE. This Regulation requires that insurance companies still pay Law and Ordinance coverage (sometimes called “code upgrade” coverage), to the extent it is already included in a policy, when a homeowner chooses to comply with building codes in effect but that unincorporated Boulder County or the Cities of Louisville and Superior may not otherwise enforce for Marshall Fire survivors.  Some insurance companies have been refusing to pay Law and Ordinance coverage even though the policyholder purchased that extra coverage because Louisville and Superior have decided to grant special exceptions to enforcing some building codes for Marshall Fire survivors. Because so many homeowners do not have enough insurance money to fully replace the home they had before and so are in need to accessing every dollar available under their policy, this Regulation should give some help to Marshall Fire survivors as they continue their efforts to rebuild their homes and lives after the devastation.

Marshall Fire Emergency Reg re Law and Ord 2022 08 22

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