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Video: Body Brokers & Body Snatching Fraud – What You Should Know

By Burg Simpson

November 1, 2018  


The body broker industry is unchecked & under-legislated. Across the United States, mortuaries & hospices are committing fraud and body snatching by convincing grieving families to donate their deceased loved one’s body “for medical research.” Unfortunately, since there is no federal regulation of the “body broker” industry and little state regulation, too often the body ends up chopped up and quite literally sold for parts. Your loved one’s torso could end up as a weapons testing dummy or worse.


Burg Simpson represents dozens of victims in both Arizona and Colorado who have been affected by fraudulent body brokerage businesses that have lied about where family remains ended up, or even claimed the body was cremated when the “ashes” were actually powdered concrete.


To learn more about this subject, watch an interview with Michael Burg and 9 News or read more about body broker legislation.

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