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When Patients Have Been Seriously Harmed by Contaminated Hospital Instruments

By Heidi Culbertson
May 26, 2021
2 min read

The Expectation of Care

Most individuals admitted to a hospital never expect that the health care practitioners they trust to provide them with treatment would put their well-being at risk. But hospital patients throughout the country are being exposed to dangerous contaminants from unsterilized medical equipment every day.

The Importance of Environmental Hygiene

Those who work in the hospital industry are responsible for providing care for the individuals who are admitted for treatment. Hospitals and health care professionals have an obligation to prioritize preventative protocols to keep their patients safe. Such protocols include environmental hygiene. This is a fundamental principle of infection prevention in hospital settings because contaminated medical instruments can contribute to the transmission of dangerous micro-organisms that cause infection and disease.

The Danger of Being Exposed to Contaminants

One of the most significant problems that patients experience in hospitals results from the improper sterilization procedures of medical equipment. Medical instruments must be sterilized to protect the health of the patients and maximize the safety of everyone who enters the facility. Maintaining appropriate hygiene is necessary to reduce exposure to contaminants and when proper procedures for sterilization are not met, harmful strains of bacteria can spread. When medical instruments are exposed to contamination and are subsequently used to treat a patient, the patient is at risk for infection, serious illness, or death.

Filing Action Against Negligent Parties

Unfortunately, hospital patients’ exposure to dangerous contaminants is not uncommon, and as a result, many patients develop serious infections during their hospital stays. The contamination of medical equipment in our hospitals across the country is a serious problem. Our attorneys at Burg Simpson believe that the hospitals and medical professionals responsible should be held accountable when a patient suffers from serious harm due to negligence.

Hospital patients who have suffered serious harm due to the contamination of medical equipment may be able to file legal action against the hospital and health care providers responsible for the resulting injuries or illnesses.

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