Experts to Rely on During Transition & Questions to be Asked [Chart]

By Burg Simpson

September 10, 2019   Colorado Construction Defects


Possible Questions

Community Association ManagerIs budget sufficient? Do you have complete records? Have you reviewed enforcement action taken? Do you have transition audit? Have you provided a board member orientation? Do you understand interplay with any master/sub/special district? Do you have copies of any sales materials provided by declarant?
CPAIs the transition audit complete?

Are there any concerns with the audit?

Are there any red flags in the audit?

Attorney (General Counsel)What is the association obligated to maintain, repair and replace? Are our documents compliant with laws? Are there any operational deficiencies in our documents? Have common elements been accepted?
EngineerWhat is the condition of the common elements that the association is responsible for? Where plans and specifications followed? Do buildings comply with FHAA accessibility requirements?
Reserve SpecialistsIs our reserve account adequate?  Do we have a reserve plan? What should we be reserving?
Attorney (Specialists)If there are areas of concern expressed by any other expert, how can we correct those? (this may involve amending documents, addressing financial deficiencies, or litigation)
Insurance AgentDo we have required insurance? Are insurance amounts sufficient?
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