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Current Deadline to Join the Durango “416 Fire” Litigation is August 31st

By Burg Simpson
August 7, 2019
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August 31, 2019, is the current deadline to join the lawsuit already filed by private citizens against the Durango & Silverton Railroad and its parent company in the LaPlata County District Court to recover damages resulting from the 416 Fire. The lawsuit filed July 2 by the Federal Government alleges the 416 Fire was ignited by the Durango & Silverton Railroad’s coal-fired steam engine. In the LaPlata County District Court action, your fellow Durango area citizens that suffered damages resulting from the 416 Fire, including burn, smoke, heat, mud, debris and flood damage, the cost to try to avoid mud, debris and flood damage in the future, the loss of real estate value, and loss of business revenue, are seeking to hold the train and its management responsible because, like the Federal Government, they allege an ember or cinder from the coal-fired steam engine started the fire. If you suffered damage as a result of the 416 Fire, be aware of this August 31, 2019 deadline.

Two Colorado law firms, Duthie Savastano Brungard from Durango, and Burg Simpson from Denver represent most of those that have filed the LaPlata District Court lawsuit. By pursuing this lawsuit, these attorneys and their clients aim to help those harmed by the fire recover fair compensation for their losses as well as ensure the train and Durango and Silverton thrive long-term.

Bobby Duthie, local Durango attorney and lead co-counsel for damaged citizens in the LaPlata County lawsuit said, “The train has been a big part of our lives. None of our clients – and I’m sure the Forest Service feels the same way – are interested, at all, in getting rid of the train. We are simply trying to compensate those within our community for the losses they actually suffered and to help heal our community.”

Thomas Henderson, a shareholder with the Denver office of Burg Simpson said, “The safety and welfare of the citizens of Durango and Silverton, and the protection of their properties must be paramount. Through our efforts, we seek to protect the citizens of Durango and Silverton so this never happens again.”

The current deadline to join the lawsuit is August 31st, 2019. For more information, please contact Bobby Duthie at / 970 247 4545 or Thomas Henderson at 303 792 5595

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