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Colorado Funeral Home Accused of Selling Body Parts on the Black Market

By Burg Simpson
May 13, 2019
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Megan Hess and her parents, the owners of the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home in Montrose, Colorado, are accused of victimizing families after claims that the organization profited by secretly selling body parts shortly after death.

Contact 7 Chief Investigative Reporter Tony Kovaleski spoke to more than a half dozen family members — now victims — about how the bodies of their loved ones were desecrated and then sold for profit. These shocked and grieving family members have been united by the pain of knowing that instead of providing cremation services, Sunset Mesa dismembered the bodies of their beloved family members with a power saw, stored in the body parts in coolers, and then sold them on the black market.

Burg Simpson attorneys Michael S. Burg, David K. TeSelle, and Holly B. Kammerer now represent more than 50 families who claim Ms. Hess and her parents victimized them. The lawsuit estimates that the owners of the funeral home were making approximately $40,000 a month from the sale of body parts. The lawsuit claims that Ms. Hess and parents sold torsos for $1,000, a pelvis with upper legs for $1,200, and heads for $500.

“Think about it,” said Michael S. Burg, the founder of Burg Simpson, “The FBI came in and raided the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home because they knew this body broker business was getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Its tentacles not only go throughout this country but the world.”

Burg Simpson shareholder David K. TeSelle said, “These families deserve to know why the remains of their family members were stolen from them, and why they were given back dry cement or sand and told it was their loved ones’ ashes.”

The owners of the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home are currently under investigation by the FBI, and Colorado regulators have shut down the funeral home.

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