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Governor Jared Polis to Sign Vulnerable Road User Bill

By Burg Simpson
May 29, 2019
3 min read

We are happy to report that Governor Jared Polis will sign Senate Bill 19-175 into law on Wednesday, May 29 at 11:30 a.m. at the Denver Bicycle Cafe. This bill is intended to make Colorado’s roadways safer for vulnerable road users like bicyclists, pedestrians, peace officers, construction workers and more.  When signed into law the act will make careless driving that seriously injures a vulnerable road user a class 1 traffic misdemeanor and violators may be subject to a restitution order and license suspension. The court may also require violators of the law to attend a driver improvement course and perform useful public service. Drivers convicted of careless driving that causes serious bodily injury to a vulnerable road user may apply for a restricted license to drive a motor vehicle for extenuating circumstances such as driving family members to and from medical appointments at the discretion of a hearing officer.

This law is an important step forward for the Centennial State as it seeks to enhance the safety of those vulnerable users who share Colorado roads with vehicle drivers.  For pedestrians and cyclists, there are very rarely “minor” crashes with vehicles.  Among other things, we are hopeful this ongoing dialogue will serve to raise drivers’ awareness of the vulnerability of the cyclists and pedestrians with whom they share the road.

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