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Filing Claims Regarding Forest Fire Damages

By Burg Simpson
November 19, 2018
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Filing Claims Regarding Forest Fire Damages

Thomas W. Henderson, a Shareholder at Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine in Colorado, has experience filing claims regarding forest fire damages.  He has fought against the parties who were responsible for starting the fires, and  he has fought against the insurance companies who failed to pay what they owed to their policyholders.  Tom Henderson was interviewed by Bloomberg on Friday, November 16th, and asked to comment on the devastation and the aftermath of the fires that have plagued California this year.

Forest fire damages can cost communities millions.Choosing Legal Representation

“Experience matters” when it comes to choosing legal representation after a devastating fire”  said Henderson. “I appreciate the fraud warning just issued by the California State Bar, Henderson told Bloomberg, “And I urge the victims of these devastating fires to carefully choose their legal representation before filing claims regarding forest fire damages.”  Mr. Henderson has handled claims for numerous victims of forest fires and is currently representing many of those who suffered losses during and after the Durango 416 Fire. The 416 is one of the largest forest fires in Colorado’s history.

Thomas W. Henderson, Shareholder at Burg Simpson

Thomas W. Henderson, a Shareholder at Burg Simpson, has decades of experience litigating complex cases  regarding claims due to forest fires. He is dedicated to holding those responsible for the damages accountable.  Mr. Henderson  has received substantial verdicts in these types of cases. Thomas W. Henderson and the attorneys at Burg Simpson look forward to representing and providing a voice for those individuals and businesses who have been affected by these kinds of tragedies.

Mr. Henderson focuses his practice on representing policyholders in suing insurance companies for bad faith and getting insurance companies to pay what the insurance policy promises to pay. Henderson spent the first 20 years of his practice representing the insurance companies, answering their questions about whether the policy provided coverage for various claims, and even defending them when they were sued.

Tom uses this unusual background to his clients’ advantage because he knows where the weak spots are, where the smoking guns are hidden and how best to structure his clients’ cases to maximize the potential of getting the insurance companies to pay. Tom represents both individual consumers and businesses in their pursuit of insurance claims. For consumers, this includes auto, uninsured and underinsured motorist, homeowners, renters, liability, property, health, disability and life insurance claims. For businesses, this includes, auto, liability, property, lost profits, directors and officers, professional liability and construction insurance claims. These claims can range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

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