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Natural Gas Explosion Injures Several in Denver

By Burg Simpson
August 17, 2018
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An explosion shattered an otherwise typical, late summer afternoon in Denver earlier this week. A natural gas line burst in the historic Baker neighborhood, blasting a hole through a multi-family residential unit. The explosion left nine people injured – one of them critically. One fire department official told the Denver Post that it was the worst explosion he’d seen in 15 years.

Injuries consisted of mostly burns and blunt force trauma from debris, some of which flew for blocks, the paper reported.

It’s critical for residents to understand that if they’ve been seriously injured and lost their home to a natural gas explosion, or similar disaster, that they still have rights – and they have to be protected fiercely. An experienced personal injury attorney can fight for those rights.

Not an Isolated Incident

This latest incident isn’t the first – and as the natural gas industry continues to expand – it certainly won’t be the last. In fact, it’s at least the second natural gas explosion to hit a Colorado residential area in many years. Last year, an abandoned well that was left uncapped led to a similar explosion in Firestone, Colorado, that killed two men and left another badly injured.

These tragedies aren’t limited to the Denver metropolitan area, either.

In 1994, a natural gas explosion leveled the Good News Building in downtown Steamboat Springs. Authorities evacuated all of downtown, and after the smoke cleared, more than two dozen people were left with serious injuries. Against all odds, no one died.

Investigators later discovered that the pilot light on a hot water heater had ignited from gathering gas fumes that had leaked from the line. While Burg Simpson represented the insurance company involved in the case, the firm also felt it was the right thing to do to fight for everyone who’d been injured in the explosion.

While preparing the case, the attorneys at Burg Simpson discovered that a subcontractor hired to lay a phone line had accidently punctured a gas line during the installation. Instead of replacing the damaged line, the gas company simply taped up the break.

After a well-publicized nine-week trial, Burg Simpson won a $6.4 million verdict for the victims of the Good News Building gas explosion.

Burg Simpson Colorado is an injury law firm with decades of experience taking – and winning –personal injury cases that have been the result of explosions. Burg Simpson has successfully handled over a dozen explosion cases throughout the country. These types of personal injury claims can be extremely technical, costly, and time-consuming.

If you’ve lost your home to a natural gas explosion, don’t rely on your insurance company, gas company executives, or even your local government to help you put your life back together – especially if you’ve been seriously injured. Call the Denver office of Burg Simpson at 303-792-5595 and speak with a trained accident attorney today. You can also fill out our Free Case Evaluation Form for help.

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