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Worse than I Thought! Small Accidents with Big Injury

By Burg Simpson
May 22, 2017
3 min read

Some car accidents are more “impactful” than others. High-speed collisions with lots of broken glass, sirens, and rubberneckers are certainly easy to identify. However, not every accident is so dramatic. Smaller accidents, especially those that do not seem obviously harmful, can also result in moderate to serious injury. In some cases, those involved in purportedly “minor” accidents fail to report the accident or seek medical attention for their injuries, and this can make a small disaster into a big one.

Some smaller, low impact accidents known to cause injury include:

  • Parking lot — collisions in parking lots and garages have been known to cause whiplash and airbag deployment injuries;
  • Tollbooth approach — when looking around for change, drivers often take their eyes off the road just long enough to hit the car in front of them. Even lower-speed, rear-end impact collisions can cause serious head and neck injuries;
  • School zone — parents and school buses rushing to and from school often have minor accidents at low speed, sometimes injuring children getting in or out of cars;
  • Crosswalk bump — a driver looking to the left or right can easily miss the presence of a pedestrian entering the crosswalk from the opposite direction. Even if the car is at a complete stop before the accident, a person is simply no match for a bumper;
  • Rear Bumper Tap — when a car hits the back bumper of the car ahead, the driver and passenger can suffer whiplash injuries because they do not have time to anticipate or prepare for impact.

Even at low speeds, accidents can cause injury. Such trauma can be hard to identify, however. In a low-impact accident, drivers and passengers involved might not ask for an ambulance or go directly to a hospital emergency room. A few days or even a few weeks later, symptoms (pain, head injury symptoms, etc.), may become noticeable or more significant. If there is little or no damage to the cars involved, the accident victims might not file a police report and might not notify their insurance company of the accident. As time goes on, an injury can become more painful and disruptive, causing the victim to miss work or become anxious or depressed. The delay in treatment could have an impact on recovery, and also potentially on the ability to obtain full compensation.

If you have been in a car accident and feel you might have sustained even some injury—no matter how minor—seek medical attention, file a police report, and call one of our Denver personal injury lawyers. You might be able to collect damages, including compensation to pay your medical bills. Call the law office of Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh and Jardine, P. C. at 303-792-5595 or contact us online to set up an appointment today.

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