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Winter Protocol for Bicycling

By Burg Simpson
April 3, 2017
2 min read

Coloradoans love to cycle and no amount of snow, sleet or ice will keep them off the roads and trails. Winter bicycling presents its own set of challenges, however, and slippery, wet conditions can lead to accidents.

The Denver Public Works Department offers these guidelines for safer winter biking:

  • Have the right tires for winter riding — the more tread, the better.
  • Let a bit of air out of tires to increase traction.
  • Lower seat a bit so you can use your foot to stabilize if need be.
  • Dress in layers, with the outermost layer being water resistant.
  • Use outermost bike lanes.
  • Report ice in the bike lane to Denver 3-1-1.
  • Consider taking trail routes to avoid heavily trafficked roads.
  • Consider alternative transportation during icy or stormy weather.

Snow and ice, in addition to sand, salt and other chemicals used to melt ice can accumulate in the chain, brakes and other workings of your bike. Consider installing fenders over the wheels to minimize the amount of debris that accumulates and to keep the snow and ice from getting on your clothes as you ride.

While the department of public works attempts to clear ice and snow out of bike lanes in a timely and thorough fashion, ice and packed snow sometimes accumulates in the biking lanes. Cyclists should ride with caution and report unshoveled areas.

Biking in wintry conditions also increases the likelihood of a bicycle accident, either with another cyclist or a skidding car. While most roadways in Colorado sport bike-friendly lanes, ice and snow could cause narrowing of both roads and bike lanes. Slippery conditions, narrow lanes, and adverse weather can lead to accidents.

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