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Roof Collapse Due to Snow Can Result from Construction Defects

By Burg Simpson
April 7, 2016
2 min read

For many people, the phrase “heavy winter” brings to mind visions of powder-covered slopes. However, winters such as the last one−during which there was heavy snowfall−also mean the risk of roof collapses. When the weight of excessive ice and snow becomes too much to bear, roofs can give way, causing serious damage to homes and even injuries in some cases.

Are poor quality roofs predisposed to collapse?

While Mother Nature undoubtedly plays a major role in a roof collapse due to snow, another significant factor can be second-rate building materials, construction defects, and substandard designs. Among the construction defects that can lead to wintertime roof collapses are the failure to adhere to building codes, significant divergence from building plans, and use of poor quality materials that simply cannot stand up to the elements in the climate in which they have been used. When contractors or builders engage in such practices, homeowners may be entitled to compensation.

Investigations can uncover true cause of roof collapse

When a roof collapses, homeowners may need a thorough investigation to determine the precise cause or causes of the event. Generally, liable parties point the finger at each other in an effort to avoid paying for the damage for which they are responsible. While it is true that roof collapses can occur after normal wear and tear weaken a roof, or after an unusually heavy storm dumps more weight on a structure than it is designed to bear, homeowners should not rule out the possibility that a roof collapse occurred due to construction defects in their home. In some cases, a roof’s very design may be the problem, with excess snow creating the circumstances under which the flawed design finally gives way.

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